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How I Got Into Herbal Healing

First of all, you need to understand that my father was a scientist. He had very high respect for the medical profession, but none for any alternative healing, so it was not easy for me to come to this place.

But the first step in this journey was my desire to repair the cover of an armchair. The cats had shredded one corner of the chair, so I got some upholstery fabric and a curved needle, and set to work. I sat on the floor. The chair was big, but not heavy, and the project only took a couple of hours. I felt fine the rest of the day.

In the morning I couldn't get out of bed, and my back was killing me. How could I be so disabled overnight?

When I went to my doctor, she told me that I had probably torn a muscle. I didn't think so, but she was a doctor, after all.

My solution to an injury was to work it out, so I began walking. The pain would lessen, but it never went away.

The following year we moved. The move REALLY hurt my back, and so I went to see my new doctor, very afraid that I was losing the use of my legs.

I told her about the previous injury. She suggested stretches. I told her that I did do stretches in my bed, but she insisted I get down on the floor to do them. When I told her that I couldn't do that, she asked, "Why?"

By the way, stories like mine aren't unusual. This community only has one doctor that sees Social Security patients, and it's getting worse for we older people all the time. This doctor has a good heart, but there are some things she just doesn't understand.

But the pain got worse, until, once again, I couldn't get out of bed. My husband suggested a chiropractor. To me, that was like suggesting a witch doctor. That was how my father looked at chiropractors, but I realized I really had no choice.

To my surprise, the chiropractor insisted on x-rays. I wondered why my primary physician hadn't.

When the x-rays came back, she showed me where I had one twisted vertebrae. Within a few weeks, I could walk again, not without pain, but at least I could walk.

When I saw my primary physician, who had also been sent the x-rays, she explained that I had arthritis in my back. Well, yes, NOW I had arthritis, but that wasn't the original cause of the pain, and, like my first doctor, she refused to address it.

I never went back.

I began from that point on to do serious research into alternative medicine. What I found amazed me. I really didn't NEED to go back, well, except for an appendix attack, or something like that.

So I began to ask why my doctor had been so unprepared to answer my questions.

That research terrified me.

Just a few generations ago, and for thousands of years prior to that, people, that is, people who knew how to use them, took herbs for both taste and health. They made a variety of teas that maintained good health most of the time. What had changed?

The Age of Enlightenment happened. Science was the new way of looking at the world. Science had the answer for everything, especially medicine. Old remedies were called quackery, grannie medicine, old wives tales, and ridiculed. If you couldn't put it in a test tube and find the "active ingredient," you weren't being scientific; you were being primitive.

Let me explain what science means by "active ingredients." If you strip away everything from the herb except what actually works to address a problem, you've found the active ingredient.

What science refused to acknowledge, however, was that herbs come in packages. You don't isolate the active ingredient in a leaf and expect it to work without all the helpers around it.

An excellent example of this is Vitamin C. When I was a young woman, I was told that the active ingredient in a citrus plant was the Vitamin C in the fruit. So everything was stripped away except the vitamin, and the rest was considered non-essential.

Then, the vitamin was synthesized so that it could be sold as a product. That meant those wonderful bioflavonoids were considered non-essential.

Now we know otherwise. The real product was the fruit all along. The fruit has all the necessary components to make the "active ingredient" to work. Bioflavonoids are ESSENTIAL.

That's what our pharmaceutical industry does. It makes a chemical substitute for the real thing, then packages and markets it. And then it trains our doctors to think like it does, that pills and chemicalized products are the answer, teaching doctors to ridicule the real trees, seeds, roots, and leaves where the chemicals originated.

Because "you can't patent a dandelion."

This means that the $400 BILLION industry loses money on well people. It gets us just well enough so that we think we're fine, until whatever we're taking causes another problem that it will "fix."

Don't get me wrong. We need doctors. I can't fix an appendix that's about to burst, but a doctor can. What we need, however, are doctors trained in real plant medicine, not in Big Pharma substitutes.

So, my desire is to share with you what I've learned that we can do ourselves, and go to the doctor when we really need one. The more control we have over our own health, the better we'll feel.

My first book on the subject was Healing Herbs from Your Kitchen, the first place I began looking for help.

What I found was that people truly did use teas for thousands of years, and were able to stay healthy (when they knew how to use teas)-without any input from the pharmaceutical industry.