My Friend, Your Friend, You

My friend is dying of cancer. He didn't need to, and there is still a chance he'll survive, but the doctors only give him a year.

It's so incredibly unnecessary! What he never knew was that the solution was right in front of him the whole time.

Have I found the solution? Maybe. Thousands have come back from this very scary diagnosis in full health, without chemo. Others, who have tried chemo, only to have their cancer come back with a vengeance, like my friend, have survived, and are living healthy, cancer-free lives.

More than anything, I wish my friend would at least take a look at this. I hope he does.

I hope you do too, even if, like me, you have never had cancer.

To be included in accessing valuable and healthy information, please contact me. I value your opinion, your testimony, and your feedback. Let's open a dialogue. 

A Willowbark Tea Herbal Garden

A Willowbark Tea Book

Have you decided to add more herbs to your family's diet, but you don't know what to grow or how to grow it?

Did you know that anise will ease your baby's colic, or that borage is excellent to strengthen the body after a convalescence? Calendula eases muscle spasms and California poppy is a natural analgesic. You'll find ways to treat bruises, what herb works best to kill infections, which ones fight cancer, how to settle a cough or a sore throat. You'll find teas that relax you, put you to sleep, and settle an upset stomach. You'll find ways to keep your heart healthy and to address blood sugar, and much, much more.

Best of all you'll also discover how to grow each one of these lovely herbs, and how to get healthy and stay healthy, naturally. 

Begin With Healthy Teas

A Willowbark Tea Book

39 Healthy Teas You Can Make at Home

Let me introduce you to a world of healthy teas - absolutely free!  Just fill out the form, and I'll send you your book!

Don't forget your FREE BOOK!

For thousands of years, people used teas to keep them healthy. We limit ourselves by our tiny selections of green tea and black tea, forgetting all about delicious and healthy teas like chamomile, anise, rosehips, willow bark, sage, peppermint, raspberry leaf, honeysuckle, and a plethora of others.


Learn the secrets of healthy living, heal from common ailments, and fight dibilitating diseases, one cup at a time.

Healing Herbs from Your Kitchen

A Willowbark Tea Book

I began my search into herbal healing here.  I needed to find an alternative to the medicine I was taking for two reasons, (1) my doctor was poisoning me, not on purpose, but because she didn't know better. (2) the cost of living doubled, specifically groceries, and my husband and I found that we couldn't afford to see the doctor or buy meds.

So I started my search in my kitchen.  I looked at the food, herbs and spices that I already had, and researched all of them.  I wrote all of it down, and it became my first herbal book.

Healing Herbs from Your Kitchen is available on Amazon for $1.99.  Just follow this link.  Learn that in many cases you can do without Big Pharma.

Surviving Hard Times - A Livingbook

A Willowbark Tea Book

This is not an herbal book.  This is a journey.  In 2008 the economy changed.  I lost the job I loved, and couldn't get another.

When I realized I wasn't alone, I began to explore financial alternatives, frugal living, low-cost recipes, how-tos, and much more.

What I discovered I began sharing with friends.

Now I'm sharing what I learned with you. Remember, this book is dated, but basic survival never is.  Your basic priorities remain, and Surviving Hard Times - A Livingbook addresses all of them:

1. Keep the job you have, even if you don't like it.  Being employed is far better than unemployment.

2. Either remain where you are, take in someone to help with the house payment, or move to a cheaper place.

3. Keep a phone so that you can get that next job.

4. Learn how to eat well, not expensively, but provide your family with good nutrition.

5. Don't do the things that sabotage your survival, such as alcohol, drugs and cigarettes.

6. Learn to entertain yourself instead of buying entertainment.

7. Make do.  Refrain from buying anyting until it's absolutely necessary.

8. Look to God to help you through.  Remember, you are NEVER alone.

Get Surviving Hard Times - A Livingbook here.  It's only $1.99 on Amazon.

Start on an Herbal Journey, Naturally!

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